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Perhaps you have a popular YouTube channel? Or a podcast with lots of followers? Ever wondered how to make a living doing the thing you love? Well, here’s your opportunity! Open a free TubeGuru virtual room and invite your followers to schedule live one-on-one paid video meetings with you. 

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Gurus in pursuit of their glamorous and persistent cooking dreams meet and help followers while rising up in the food scene.

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As opposed to talent, or a gift of nature, crafts are taught. Professional Gurus help followers achieve their craftsmanship aspirations.


Personal stylists, designers, and fashion Gurus share tips on how to wear, where to shop, how to love your body, and more.


Live honest makeup and skincare advice. From wedding-guest beauty ideas to the ideal nude face. Our Gurus got it covered.


Followers' premier destination for music instruction. From instrument lessons to advice on techniques, gear, and more.


The latest workouts and training sessions to get followers on their way to a healthy, more muscular, and athletic body.


Professional legal, accounting, and engineering Gurus are here to the rescue, with live personal one-on-one video sessions.


Care for the world, one person at a time. Experts in weight loss and nutrition provide insights on healthy diets and nutrition.


Be it Math, Science, or English our Gurus provide live personal sessions that help students get better grades every day.



How do Followers schedule a meeting with me?

Your Guru Room includes your updated schedule and an interface allowing Followers to book meetings with you.

Can I Reject a Meeting?

Yes. Once rejected, your Follower will receive an email with a request to reschedule.

How Will I get paid?

We have a monthly payout schedule in which we automatically wire your funds to your bank account.

Can I Reschedule a Meeting?

While your updated schedule appears on your Guru Room, you don’t know your Follower’s schedule. Therefore, while you can reject a meeting, only the Follower can reschedule it.

What Currencies Do you Support?

While we only accept USD from Followers, we do support multiple currencies for the payouts such as USD, Euro, Canadian Dollar, GBP, and more.

Can I set my own Prices?

Yes, from your account page you can set up prices and meeting durations.

Who Handles Customer Support?

We handle all customer support. In addition, TubeGuru has an internal Guru-Follower messaging system.

What Are Your Fees?

TubeGuru’s commission is 15% from the total transaction which includes any transaction-related bank-fees. The only other fee is the payout wire fee.

How Do I get Started?

Becoming a Guru is free and easy. Simply click here and proceed to the registration process.

Can I meet Groups or Run Live Events?

At this time group meetings or live events are not supported. We are planning to provide this option in the future.

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TubeGuru helps you monetize your YouTube channel, podcast, blog, and even offline expertise. Have a following? Open your Guru Room now and launch a profitable side hustle in minutes.


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